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We are already in February and the holidays seem far away  – so here’s a chance to take a break in your busy day.

Play a game with us and pit your skills against ours – fit it in with a coffee as it really won’t take you hours.

(highlighted in the text below are all the words you will be looking for)

Corporate GIFTS are a physical REMINDER of your COMPANY IDENTITY and EXPOSE your BRAND to
the MAXIMUM audience.  The AIM is to enhance your IMAGE, expand your MARKET and achieve instant recognition of your

BELOW the LINE ADVERTISING is a fun and creative way to achieve this and with the right IDEAS, TIMING and DELIVERY the SUCCESS of your campaign can be easily achieved!

We’ll do the thinking for you … by giving LEIGH and SUE details of your EVENT – for example, the  THEME, BUDGET and TARGET market together with the QUANTITY and COLOURS required, we can help you find THE perfect item for your PROMO!

CONTACT us and give us a TRY and you will see that SIMPLY SOMETHING will be an ASSET to your marketing team!