Marketing Campaign – Corporate Branding

Donald Trump likened the US Elections to a
“Spectacular seminar on Branding and Marketing”.

With the South African elections just around the corner, the similarity and dimension of pure marketing is everywhere we look, television, billboards and radio.

The campaign principles also apply to marketing a company. The Party is the company, the directors the Members of Parliament and the CEO being the President, you get the picture?

Promotional companies such as ourselves, Simply Something Promotions; can then be regarded as Campaign staff who do the running around, putting things together, ensuring you are noticed and delivering the final product.

Are you maximizing your marketing “manifesto” considering your

  • Personal Branding
  • Message Strategy
  • Brand Consistency

This is where we can help – use us as a tool to source, procure and deliver the right item for your strategy,

we’ll do the thinking for you …


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