Events Calender “The Year Ahead”

 “For a long time, corporate advertising was considered to be good will.  It goes far beyond that.  Corporate advertising is good business … Via corporate advertising, companies can communicate who they are (their identity), what they are (their image), and what they stand for (the ideas central to their culture).”

 Stephen A Greyser – Richard P Chapman Professors of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Just about everyone has an idea about what corporate image advertising is.  Whatever the perspective, image advertising (when properly executed) can help propel the company dramatically toward its corporate goals. 

Marketers now recognise the advantages of strong, timely corporate advertising.  They understand that in the long term an appropriate investment in a carefully conceived corporate image program can indeed help increase brand sales as well as accomplish other important tasks.

When planning your marketing or advertising strategy remember the advantage of the impact of a tangible item. Planning ahead of time will make your life even easier, by working with or creating an Events Calendar for the year ahead will guard against disappointment.

This is where we can help – send us the details of your events so we may diarise to ensure timely contact to discuss your requirements 

let us do the thinking for you…



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